Book Lists

Peace Library System staff have premade a number of booklists which you can import and display on your own library website. You can browse these below, in alphabetical order.

For instructions on how to update and edit your website booklists, a webinar recording is available for you to watch.

A Reader's Life

See All A Reader's Life

Antiracism & Social Justice

See All Antiracism & Social Justice

Bad Bugs and Virus Hunters

See All Bad Bugs and Virus Hunters

Beach Reads

See All Beach Reads

Books for Father's Day

See All Books for Father's Day

Books for Mother's Day

See All Books for Mother's Day

Books on Baking

See All Books on Baking

Books To Read After Watching 'The Crown'

See All Books To Read After Watching 'The Crown'

Camping in the Great Outdoors

See All Camping in the Great Outdoors

Canadian History

See All Canadian History

Canadian Picture Books

See All Canadian Picture Books

Classic Sci-Fi

See All Classic Sci-Fi

Climate Fiction

See All Climate Fiction

Cozy Mysteries

See All Cozy Mysteries

Cultivating a Green Thumb

See All Cultivating a Green Thumb


See All Cults

Dinosaurs Galore!

See All Dinosaurs Galore!

Domestic Thrillers

See All Domestic Thrillers

Easter for All Ages

See All Easter for All Ages

Explore Nature

See All Explore Nature

Fashion & Style

See All Fashion & Style

Fighting Fake News

See All Fighting Fake News

Food History

See All Food History

Freedom to Read

See All Freedom to Read

Funny People

See All Funny People

Gentle Reads

See All Gentle Reads

Going Vegan?

See All Going Vegan?

Gothic Novels

See All Gothic Novels

Greek Mythology

See All Greek Mythology

Highlanders & Lairds

See All Highlanders & Lairds

Historical Thrillers and Mysteries

See All Historical Thrillers and Mysteries

Holiday Romances

See All Holiday Romances

Hollywood Fiction

See All Hollywood Fiction

Hollywood Scandal