Policy and Planning

Peace Library System Plan of Service

As required by library legislation, the Peace Library System submits a Plan of Service - goals, objectives and action plans - to the Public Library Services Branch every three years.

PLS conducted a needs assessment (Community Consultation) and subsequently developed goals and strategies for 2019 to 2021. Input was gathered from library boards and library managers by means of facilitated discussions and a satisfaction survey. This built upon the comprehensive data-gathering in 2015 that resulted in valuable input from PLS members.

Priority areas of service for 2019-2021 include:

  1. Training and Professional Development
  2. Advocacy and Marketing
  3. IT Support
  4. Program Support
  5. Access to Resources

Find our 2020 Annual Report here.

PLS Policies

F1        Finance
F2        Investment
F3        Reserves
F4        Purchasing
F5        Allotment Fund
F6        Trustee Expenses

Board Governance
G1       Trustee Continuing Education
G2       Trustee Orientation
G3       Policy on Policy-Making
G4       Provision of Municipal Library Services
G5       Trustee Recognition
Management and Operations
M1       Confidentiality
M2       Records Management
M3       Data Security
M4       Internet and Electronic Mail Acceptable Use
M5       Environmental Practices
M6       Meeting Room
M7       Health and Safety
M8       Working Alone
M9       Infectious Disease/Pandemic

Programs and Services
S1        Materials Selection and Acquisition
S2        Resource Sharing
S4        Resources Lent to Libraries
S6        Provision of Library Materials to Persons Unable to Use Conventional Print Materials
S7        School Services
S8        Information Technology (IT) Services for Member Libraries
S9        The Alberta Library (TAL) Card