PLS Equipment

Peace Library System has many types of materials that it loans on request to libraries to supplement their own collections on a temporary basis. This includes a collection of equipment that can be borrowed for community nights and other outreach events. For more information, please contact Tanya Huffman at PLS Equipment is available to PLS member libraries to borrow for a 3-week loan period. 

PLS equipment can be delivered via PLS van runs or picked up directly at Peace Library System headquarters.

*We are unable to ship these items through external couriers such as Canada Post or Reilley Transfer. 

Borrowing Procedures

To place a request on a kit or block please:

1. Check the availability of preferred Kit/Block with the TRACKING SHEETS

2. Place your request, using this GOOGLE FORM

  • 1 request per form

Submitted forms will be sent to Tanya (

You will receive a confirmation email with the confirmed lending dates and additional resources, specific to your request. 

Checking In/Out through Polaris

Blocks: check in each item to change status from "in-transit" to "in" (Check the Book Block Polaris Procedures)

PLS Equipment: DO NOT check in items. Checking in/out of items is done at PLS HQ

Programming Kits: DO NOT check in items. Checking in/out of items is done at PLS HQ

Storytime Kits: DO NOT check in items. Checking in/out of items is done at PLS HQ

Links to resources: 

PLS Equipment - Contents/Costs

Programming Kits - Sample Lending Policy

Programming Kits - Conditions for Use

Programming Kits - Contents/Costs

Click HERE for a tutorial on the Blocks and Kits borrowing procedures. 

PLS Equipment

There are 3 board stands available. Look for Board Stand #1, Board Stand #2 and Board Stand #3 in the google lending form. 

The board stand can be used to display posters, display boards and more!

There is one canopy available. The canopy comes in a carrying case with wheels for ease of use. 10 X 10 Feet. 

There are 2 folding tables available. Look for Folding Table #1 and Folding Table #2 in the google lending form.

There are 2 PLS banners available. Look for PLS Banner #1 and PLS Banner #2

PLS Banner #1

PLS Banner #2

There is one trifold display board available. The board comes with 2 PLS poster boards with information on PLS services and resources. The Peace Library System header can be removed from the trifold display.