Ordering Instructions

Member libraries receive a library materials budget that is administered by Peace Library System. The allotment can be used to purchase library materials, and supplies that help make library materials shelf ready.

Library materials can be selected from various selection aids, online sources, review journals, or publisher catalogues. Unless otherwise directed, Peace Library System will select the best supplier suited for your orders. This is done by determining the publisher's country of origin and ordering accordingly.

There are several ways to place your orders through Peace Library System:

1. Order form

Download the order form. If you need assistance, please download How to Fill Out the Order Form. You can submit your order form two ways:

  • Print it off (please use legal sized paper and make sure your page orientation is set to "landscape") and fax your completed order form back to us at 780.539.5285
  • Save it to your computer, fill it out, save it, and email it to ordering@peacelibrarysystem.ab.ca.

2. Catalogues/Programs

Peace Library System offers a number of catalogues/programs to assist school librarians in the selection and ordering of bestseller or quality materials. These are distributed in electronic format.

United Library Services (ULS) provides three main selection tools, which PLS sends out to libraries:

A. Hotlist Catalogue: Adult Best Sellers, Fiction and Non-Fiction
B. Super Forthcoming Catalogue: Adult & Juvenile
C. Bestsellers: Paperback Fiction

Learn more about the ULS selection tools, and how to order titles from the Hotlist and Super Forthcoming catalogues.

Peace Library System also offers a variety of other ordering lists, which are sent to libraries throughout the year, i.e. Rocky Mountain Book Awards, Alberta Readers' Choice Awards, CBC Canada Reads, annual TD Summer Reading Club, and more.

Download the schedule of catalogues and order lists. This will help you plan your purchases for throughout the year.

3. Standing Orders

At the request of member libraries, PLS will place titles that are published on a regular basis (i.e. annually) on a standing order. When a standing order is set up, the publisher will automatically send the latest edition as soon as it is published. The types of books that are normally placed on standing orders are those that are updated regularly and that the library wishes to receive every year. Examples would be Lonely Planet travel guides, Guinness Book of World RecordsLemon-Aid vehicle guides and The World Almanac Book of Facts.

To sign up for standing orders, please contact  Rose-Marie at Peace Library System headquarters.

If you are placing a title on standing order, keep good records to ensure that you do not order a duplicate copy via regular ordering methods.