Public Library Voucher Instructions

Procedures for Using Vouchers (Public Libraries):

Sample voucher to use as an example.

When ordering items yourself, have the invoice made out to your library and have the items shipped to your library. Do not “Bill to Peace Library System” and ship to “Your Library”.

Do not use the “Sample Voucher” form in the Procedure Manual. Call Peace Library System and we will send vouchers with the proper numbering system for your library.

Procedure for filling out the form:

a. Check books received against books charged for on the invoice. This ensures that the invoice is correct.

b. Fill out voucher form:

• LIBRARY NAME: PLS will put the name of your library here.
• VOUCHER NO.:  Vouchers are numbered by PLS sequentially and sent to the library.
• DATE: Write the date the voucher was filled out.
• CHEQUE TO: Indicate who payment should go to.
 When you fill out the voucher, indicate who you want the payment to go to. If the library has paid for the items directly, then indicate that we should make the cheque payable to your library. If your library has not paid the invoice, but wants PLS to do it, then indicate on the voucher that PLS should make the cheque payable to the publisher directly.
 • ADDRESS: Write address of company cheque is to be sent to.
• DETAILS: Indicate any special instructions for PLS.
 Information to be included: invoice number, cataloguing instructions, misc. instructions.
Example:  Please catalogue all books OR books highlighted on the invoice are sent in for cataloguing; Invoice #23568.
 Amount to be deducted from the allotment: Indicate the total amount, including any shipping costs (without the GST). When the voucher is paid by PLS the GST is added on and paid.
Authorized signatory: Have the form signed by an authorized person.

c. Package up books, voucher, and invoice in a separate box

d. Send books, voucher and invoice to PLS for cataloguing and payment of  invoice.

Ordering through the voucher system has its benefits in that the librarian can see the book at hand. You may be at a conference and may see something you want to order, which is very convenient at times.

However, there are things to keep in mind:

a. PLS gets better discounts than a single library can get from a publisher or bookstore.

b. The larger the volume that PLS orders, the larger the discount that we get. So, ordering through PLS eventually benefits all libraries in the System with bigger discounts. The bottom line is that you get more book value for your dollar by ordering through PLS.

c. Thirdly, when you order directly from a publisher, you are paying shipping charges. When you order through PLS, the shipping charges are absorbed through the headquarters. Some large vendors, such as ULS, do not charge shipping to PLS headquarters because of the volume we order from them.