TRAC Advisory Council Meeting


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Date: Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Time: all day
Yellowhead Regional Library

General Purpose:

The TRAC Advisory Council provides a forum for the regional library system partners to cultivate collaborative relationships. The Council actively supports TRAC’s goals as outlined in the current Plan of Service. 

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provides input regarding current TRAC services and future TRAC initiatives 
  • Discusses operational issues that contribute to TRAC decision-making 
  • Reviews and suggests amendments to the TRAC Operational Guidelines 
  • Liaises with member libraries in each region. 
  • Participates in training and professional development activities that benefit TRAC member libraries 

Composition & Appointment:

  • Each TRAC member may appoint up to 3 representatives from member libraries. 
  • Each TRAC member will determine the method for selecting representatives to the Council. 
  • Staff from each TRAC member HQ shall attend as required, but usually no more than 3 staff from each member shall attend, including the TRAC work group chairs. 
  • The TRAC Society President shall chair meetings of the Council.


The Council will meet at least once per year at Yellowhead Regional Library. 


Travel, meal and accommodation expenses shall be reimbursed as outlined in TRAC’s Compensation Policy.