Special Collections

Peace Library System has many types of materials that it loans on request to libraries to supplement their own collections on a temporary basis. The items are lent in blocks as a single unit. For more information and for requests, please contact Barbara Johnson at bjohnson@peacelibrarysystem.ab.ca.

Types of Materials Available


Procedures for Borrowing Blocks

These procedures apply to the Christmas, large print, and audiobook blocks. For more information on borrowing the other types of materials, please click the links above, as special procedures apply.

  1. Email PLS to arrange to have a block sent to your library.
  2. When your block is received, inside each box will be a master list for the contents of the block as well as the block's due date. Please check the contents against the list to ensure all items are present when you receive your block.
  3. Record any missing books on the master list as not received.
  4. Check the books in.
  5. Shelve the materials in a way that is appropriate for your library (you may wish to interfile them with other materials or to shelve them as a separate small collection).
  6. Approximately two weeks prior to the block due date, remove the block books from the shelves and prepare the block for shipment.
  7. Check each book against the master list. Indicate the status of each book on the master list (ie. shipped, lost, in circulation, not received). Return the original list to PLS with the block and keep a copy for your records.
  8. Pack the books in the original boxes and return them to Peace Library System.
  9. If a missing book is located after the block has been returned to PLS, check it in and return it to PLS.

Please Note: Should a book be declared lost or ruined beyond repair, it is your library's responsiblity to reimburse PLS.