Creating and Editing Item Records and Volume Control

This is required training for public libraries' staff and volunteers who add or edit item records in Polaris. A score of 100% is required on each quiz. You may retake the quizzes if necessary.

Part I: Creating and Editing Item Records

We have created two formats for you to choose from:

Take the quiz for Part I.

Part II: Volume Control

We have created two formats for you to choose from:

Take the quiz for Part II.

The Recommended Approach

  1. Carefully read the PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Print out the portion of the PowerPoint that contains the quiz slides.
  3. Open Polaris to search for records and answer the questions on the quiz slides, jotting down your answers on the print-outs.
  4. Click on the link to complete each quiz.  Type in the required fields and enter your quiz answers.  After hitting Submit, a message will appear: Thank you, your submission has been received.
  5. Once you submit the quiz it is no longer possible to edit your answers.  However, if you wish to change your answers after closing out of the quiz, you may click on the quiz link, re-enter the required fields, scroll down to the question(s) you wish to change, enter your new answer(s), and hit Submit.

For tips on volume control for magazines, visit the Volume Field Cheat Sheet for Magazines