Rotating Blocks

Rotating blocks of audio books, large print books and Christmas books are available for PLS member libraries for a 6 month period.

To request a block, email Barbara Johnson at Procedures are below.

Audio Books – 40 blocks with 25 items per block. Mixed blocks contain an assortment of Fiction and Non-fiction for adult and juvenile readers. Several audio blocks of western fiction, some “cozy mysteries” and some “gentle romance” are also available.

Christmas books – 25 blocks with 25 items per block. These blocks are a perfect way to augment your Christmas collection! Fiction and Non-fiction for all ages to make Christmas “Merry and Bright”!

Large Print books – 60 blocks with 25 items per block. The most popular of the large print blocks are the Western collections, and PLS also offers Mystery, Romance and mixed blocks to satisfy all your senior patrons!

When a block is prepared for your library, the “Assigned branch” field in each item record is changed from Peace Library System to your library branch name. The items are then “checked in” at PLS, which puts each item in the block “in transit” to you.

When you receive the box of books, check in each item, to change the status from “in-transit” to “in”, and circulate the items to patrons in your library or to fill ILL requests. As long as your library is the “assigned branch” the books will return to you from wherever they are borrowed and/or returned.

To return the block to PLS, use the list provided to ensure all the items are in the box, and they have been checked “in”. If an item is checked “out”, the block can still be returned and when the assigned branch is changed back to Peace Library System, any circulating items will return to our branch when they are checked “in”.

In the event that an item is returned while your library is still the “assigned branch” (in between the time when you send it back and when we make PLS the assigned branch), the message to put the item “in transit” to PLS will not occur, please hold on to the item and check it “in” again in a few days.

Please include a note if there are items not returned with the block. PLS will send a confirmation e-mail to you listing the items still to be returned.