Polaris Inventory Manager (PIM)

Ready to do inventory? Request the PIM unit now.


Why should I do an inventory?

  • it is an essential part of collection management for libraries
  • it allows you to get a current overview of your collection and the status of your items
  • it allows you to correct item record errors so that your collection is consistent

What does the Polaris Inventory Manager (PIM) do?

  • identify items that are misshelved, belong to other libraries, have incorrect spine labels or collection codes, have a status other than "in", or satisfy hold requests
  • allows you to mark items for weeding
  • updates the Polaris using a wireless network connection
  • generates reports to help you manage your collection

Can I use PIM if I do not have a wireless network connection?

Yes, but please notify PLS Headquarters of that when you book the unit. A PLS staff member will take care of updating Polaris for you and will run the required reports and email them to you.

What should I do before I start my inventory?

  • consider weeding to reduce having to inventory items you’ll only wish to weed after. To assist with weeding, you can run the custom Weeding Report - Simple with Collection Filter (Utilities > Reports & Notices > Custom > Weeding Report – Simple with Collection Filter)
  • are your shelves in good order? Try to ensure that your shelves are in proper call number order
  • ensure that your item records, particularly call numbers, are consistently formatted
  • it is important to ensure your collection codes are correct. For example, examine your collection codes to make sure that you do not have any items assigned to collection codes that you do not actually use. Also ensure that all items have a collection code. You can do this by running a collection code count report in SimplyReports. If you have a significant number of changes, contact Janet Ayles via the helpdesk as she may be able to do a bulk update for you

Can I download the PIM manual in advance to prepare and see how it works?

Yes. You can download the manual. It will also be included in the PIM unit in paper form, and saved to the desktop of the laptop.

How often should I do inventory?

Approximately every two years.