TRAC Procedures

TRAC Operational Guidelines - Updated June 18, 2019

Please familiarize yourself and your staff with these Guidelines so that all libraries in TRAC may work together. It governs all TRAC libraries regarding:

• Resource Sharing
• Damaged and Lost Materials Payment
• Missing and In-Transit Items
• Contacting of Patrons
• It also contains a Damage Noted to Item form (Appendix A) to use when recording damage to another library’s item

Procedures - TRAC Plastic Cards

How to send out TRAC interlibrary loans (ILLs):


How to correctly use the Notes fields:


What to do with Damaged items:


What to do with items that are stuck as In-Transit or Transferred:


What to do about Lost items:


How to convert Claimed items to Lost, and what to do if you're invoiced: