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Promotional Materials such as flyers, bookmarks and brochures can be found here.

Marketing Guides

General Marketing for Libraries Guide
A general overview of the focus of a library. Design your brand and plan out promotions to succeed at marketing. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Libraries Introduction
Why is it important for libraries to be on social media? Which social media site should my library be using?

Getting Started with Facebook
A step-by-step to some of the tools Facebook has to offer, including how to set up a page, how and what to post, getting followers and more! 

Getting Started with Twitter

A step-by-step to some of the tools Twitter has to offer, including how to set up a profile, how and what to post and more! 
Getting Started with Instagram 
A step-by-step to some of the tools Instagram has to offer, including how to set up an account, how and what to post and basic functions of the app.


LibraryAware Guide
This guide provides a short introduction to LibraryAware and how to create items. It also includes links for further help and inspiration.
This short guide will help with understanding "Reusables" and will guide you through using LibraryAware to promote eResources easily and quickly.

LibraryAware Webinars (1) (2)
Recorded webinars that introdcuce LibraryAware provided by the vendor. 


Webinar Documents
The Powerpoint presentations used in the webinars will be available here.

Introduction to Social Media and Facebook Basics
What is social media? Why should it be important for libraries for marketing purposes? Which site should a library be using? The largest social media site is Facebook so this webinar also introduces libraries to the basics of using Facebook.

Going Further with Social Media: Twitter and Instagram for Libraries
Got the basics of Facebook now and want to expand? Instagram and Twitter are the next two largest social media sites. This webinar goes into the basics of Twitter and Instagram and goes further into the tools social media provides.

Marketing for Libraries Links

How to Shout so Your Users Will Listen - Ned Potter
From the site: "It outlines a Library Marketing Manifesto - an attempt to boil everything down into five things we must do to be heard and listened to above the clamour of modern life. I know some people are uncomfortable with the word marketing, but essentially this is all about communication between us and our communities."
If you find this useful you may find some of his other talks helpful.

eResource Marketing Materials
The first link (name of resource) is a link to the marketing/promotions page by the company, the following links are to their social media pages. Use these social media pages to share their promotions or get ideas of how to promote the resource yourself.

Social Media Links

20 Great Ways Libraries Are Using Pinterest