Board Commitment

Roles of the Board
The Board of Directors is the legal authority for the Peace Library System. As a member of the Board, a Board Member acts in a position of trust for the community, and is responsible for the effective governance of the Peace Library System.

Board Member Responsibility
A Peace Library System Board member is appointed and entrusted by local government to manage library services for the benefit of Peace Library System and its members. Representatives on the Board participate actively in Board business through meeting attendance, discussions and workshops, and regularly report back to their councils and/or local library boards. Serving on the System Board is a great opportunity for councilors or other appointees to:

  • learn about the information services provided by libraries in their community and across the region
  • ensure that their residents' needs are met as libraries move ahead with technology and connectivity
  • network with municipal representatives from municipal jurisdictions across the Peace Region

Appointment to the Board
The Peace Library System is a partnership of 38 municipalities in the Peace Region committed to making municipal tax dollars go farther in the provision of library services through cooperation and sharing.

As a member of the Peace Library System, your municipality is entitled to appoint and send a voting represntative to meetings of the Board of Directors. Your representative can be:

  • a municipal councillor, or
  • a member of the public with an interest in libraries, literacy, or technology, as long as that person agrees to attend the meetings and carry information between your council and the Peace Library System Board. This person could be a member of your local library board.

We ask municipalities to appoint an alternate who can attend Board meetings and vote in the absence of the designated representative.

Time Commitment
You can expect the following time commitment to attend general board meetings:

How often? The Board of Directors meets four times a year, usually in March, May, September, and November.

How long? Meetings are usually held on Saturdays beginning at 10:30 a.m. Lunch is provided by the Peace Library System, and the meetings usually end by 2 p.m. Overnight accommodation is provided if necessary.

Where? Board meetings are held throughout the Peace Region. Meeting dates, times, and locations are decided by the board members who attend the meetings. In the past year, meetings were held in High Prairie, Grande Prairie and Peace River. Mileage is paid at the current province of Alberta rate.

Additional Meetings? Participation in the Executive, Personnel, or Plan of Service Committees is voluntary.