Author Tours

Peace Library System is pleased to announce that author tours will be reinstated in 2015. Two of four regions will receive a tour this year: the Central and Eastern regions. In 2016, the Northern and Local regions will receive a tour. The yearly tours will take place in the fall.

The Eastern region includes: Calling Lake, Flatbush, High Prairie, Kinuso, Red Earth, Slave Lake, Smith and Wabasca
The Central region includes: Berwyn, Bonanza, Fairview, Grimshaw, Hines Creek, Menno-Simons, Rycroft, Savanna, Spirit River, Woking, and Worsley

The author tours can have a great impact on your community. They have the ability to inspire children to read and explore books by Canadian authors. The tours also draw people to your library. By hosting an event such as an author tour, your library can showcase the services you offer and demonstrate that you are a welcoming, affordable, and safe place for families to spend time together. We hope you’ll be excited to promote these authors in your communities. The libraries on the 2015 tour will receive more information in the spring.

2015 Authors

The Eastern region will host Gerry Rasmussen, an internationally-syndicated cartoonist and children’s book illustrator. Gerry has been drawing the comic strip Betty since 1991, and it is now distributed worldwide. He is also a children’s book illustrator who has been working with Loris Lesynski for the past several years to create a new series of picture books called Crazy about Soccer! and Crazy About Basketball! They are published by Annick Press in Toronto. Gerry and Loris recently released Crazy About Hockey! Gerry presents on drawing and bringing characters to life.
The Central region will host Joan Marie Galat, an award-winning author whose presentations combine her love of writing, storytelling, and astronomy to inspire people of all ages. Joan is well known for her Dot to Dot in the Sky books, a series that has won numerous awards and has been endorsed by astronauts such as Chris Hadfield and Julie Payette. She is now the author of eight books for children, two books for adults, and countless magazine articles. Joan loves to share her passion for non-fiction, fiction, and storytelling by telling anyone who will listen about how hard she had to work to make her writing dreams come true.