Cloud Library

cloudLibrary (formerly 3M Cloud Library)

Get some of the newest and your old favourites using cloudLibrary. One of two eBook catalogues available to the Peace Library System, cloudLibrary offers a large catalogue of eBooks & audiobooks that all library patrons can access with an internet connection. Read and listen at home or download your titles onto your mobile devices and take them to go.

Find your device and download the free app:

  • iOS app:
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    • iPod Touch
  • Android app:
    • Android Phones
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  • Nook App:
    • Tablets
  • PC/MAC App:
    • Windows/Mac OS X
    • Nook eReader
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  • Kindle Fire App:
    • Kindle Fire
    • Kindle Fire HD
    • Kindle Fire HDX

*note that not all versions are supported and older models may not be compatible.

For extra help, you can try

Adobe Digital Editions Support

Adobe Digital Editions is the software that allows you to read your eBooks on cloudLibrary. You don’t have to download any special program for this—it just runs in the background of the cloudLibrary app.

Adobe Digital Editions Manual

Frequently Asked Questions about Adobe Digital Editions

Help for Adobe Digital Editions:

Device Support

Most problems with cloudLibrary are due to device issues, not a problem with cloudLibrary itself. If the device is not functioning correctly, your patron should contact the device's manufacturer.

For Apple/iOS devices

For Samsung devices

For Kobo Devices 

For Sony eReaders