Ancestry Library Edition

Ancestry Library Edition provides tools allowing your patrons to research their family history online. Ancestry Library Edition is available to your patrons within your library only. It is not available for remote use.

There are some key differences between Ancestry Library Edition and Ancestry.Ca (or .Com)

  • Collaborate - because Ancestry LE uses a generic system-wide login, it's not possible to create an individual account, which is how members communicate and connect
  • Family Trees - because of the generic login, it's not possible to create your own family tree. This also includes the iconic Ancestry leaves. 
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Why is Ancestry Library Edition different that an Ancestry.CA (or .Com) account?
Ancestry.Ca is designed for individual subscription use. With each subscription user paying for their own account, they are able to save specifics like their family tree and get leaves suggesting more links. Ancestry Library Editon is one general account that allows for searching but doesn't have the capacity to save information to an account. This doesn't mean that it's not possible to keep track of search results. Search results can be emailed to a patron's personal email or they can use the available resources under Charts and Forms to record results and other details. 

ProQuest has created a resource page, which includes information on getting started and search tips, along with marketing tools and posters for your library.

Something to keep in mind when using the resource page or help section is that it still says Ancestry Library Edition and not Ancestry.Com. The further you delve into the resources that ProQuest provides, the likelier that they will shift from Ancestry Library Edition to Ancestry.Com. Although there will be a lot of crossover in information, don't forget that not all features will be the same between the two versions.

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